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Toad is Princess Peach's obediant servant, and often tries to protect her. More than once he has gotten kidnapped by the Koopa Troop trying to save her from Bowser, and other times he is seen dote on her. This is futher influenced by the fact that Toad is one of the eight Mushroom Retainers. Evidence of the two's closeness are seen in their Mario Party teams names such as 'Royal Family' in Mario Party 5 and 'Loyal Friends' in Mario Party 8. They also share good chemistry in the Mario Baseball installments.Toad's collectible card from Super Mario Galaxy states that Toad cares about Peach so much that it caused him to team up with a few other Toads to form the Toad Brigade and go into space in order to save her (regardless of his cowardice). In many of the games in the Mario series, Toad is usually the first (and sometimes only) character who is brave enough to inform Mario and the other heroes of her kidnapping (thus, beginning many of the plot lines of the adventures). His forced bravery in these games can be seen in relation to the loyalty that he has for the Princess.

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