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for the first star get rid of every boo and go to the main room and fight a big boo.for the second star get to the roundabout and kill all those boos on the roundabout andkill the big boo. for the third star go to the second floor enter a room with books and reach the end and headbutt books in the order and nab the star. for the forth star get 8 red coins. for the fifth star go on the second floor, go in a room headbutt the ? block nab the power flower and go up and enter the third floor go on the balcony and sweep the big boo and use a power flower and steal the star, for the final star in super mario 64 (not in super mario 64 DS)go to the third floor go through a wall and kill big mr i by going round him for the switch star ( for super mario 64 DS)punch a black brick with wario stand on a star swich and hurry to the star