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First off, when you say Super Mario Bros., are you referring to the first game, or the entire series? (If it's the latter one of the two, for future reference, you don't have to clarify when you ask a question that you're asking about the Super Mario Bros. series - it's what this site is based around, so we'll all assume that it's what you're asking about.)

...Anyway, to answer the question, did anything ever say that Bowser had actually "enslaved" the Goombas? I've enver played the first game myself, but throughout most of the series, Bowser's minions generally are happy working with and serving him...Regardless, if they weren't at least somewhat friendly beforehand, I can't imagine why Bowser would've needed to enslave them anyway. MistressFisig 18:33, February 17, 2016 (UTC)