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Ride yoshi 8134209C 8019 8134209E 4E28 813420C4 8015 813420C6 0B74 8134225E D0BC

REAL mario 8107EC20 6C00 8107EC40 0000 8107ECA0 0000 8107EC70 0000 8107EC50 0000 D033AFA1 0020 8133B1BC 4220 D033B1BD 0020 8133B17C 0300 D033B1BD 0020 8133B17E 0880

Smoke And Stars Always Coming Out Of Mario Code 8133B17A FFFF

Most Glitchiest Code A032C587 AAAA

Old-Fashioned Mario B432C551 9999

Bob-omb codes

Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Even Bigger Cap A11C0135 1111

Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Party Hat A11C0145 1111 Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Party Hat

Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Spike A11C0125 1111 Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Spike

Bob-ombs Lack A Body & Eyes A11C0070 1111

Texture codes

GIF World 8133B424 FFFF

Myles s. texture 8133b424 cd01

Pain in the Eye World 8133B424 5324

Weird running 8033B3BC 00DD

Play-As codes

Play As Boo 8134385C 8018 8134385E DF64 803439C7 00FF

Piranha Plants From Goombas 802A1BA7 0064 812A1BAE 1FBC

Yoshis From Wing Cap Blocks 80330BA3 0055 81330BA6 4538

Ground Pound For Shockwaves 812AC88E 11D0 812AC89A 0068

Play As Bowser 813408DC 8018 813408DE 3C10 81340904 8015 81340906 05B0 80340A47 00FF

GS button codes

GS button for clone 8833B248 0001 8133B1C4 4170

Play as Luigi 2 812535C2 3FC0 812535BE 3F40 8107EC20 0000 8107EC22 7F00 8107EC24 0000 8107EC26 7F00 8107EC38 00FF 8107EC3A 4000 8107EC3C 00FF 8107EC3E 4000

Luigi 3 8107EC38 0055 8107EC40 0055

scatman 8833B248 0001 8133B1C4 4277 8107EC40 0000 8107EC42 FFAA 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A 0000

Shy-Guy codes

Flying Shy Guy Toad 8134209C 8019 8134209E 56A4 80342207 00FF 813420C4 8015 813420C6 A53C 81342116 2049 8134225E F8A0

Yoshi Attacks Like Flying Shy Guy 813422FC 8019 813422FE 4E28 81342324 8015 81342326 0B74 81342376 2049 813424BE F8A0 813424F6 F85C

Chain Chomp codes

Mario 3 Chain Chomp 80161D06 006D 80161D04 0037 801623C4 0037 801623C6 006D

Level modifier codes

Extremely High Water in Wet Dry World 8136118A 4000

Queen Bomb-omb Battle Field 81331B5C 00C3 81331B7C 00C3 802E6BA7 00C3

Use d-pad for level of water in wet-dry world D0309260 0008 8132EDBA 3200 D0309260 0001 8132EDBA 0900 D0309260 0004 8132EDBA 0000 D0309260 0002 8132EDBA 1000

King Bob-omb appears instead of Chain-chomp 812FE592 01F4 812FE594 0056 812CF54A 01F4

See the invisible objects 8133B4D0 800F 8133B4D2 8C4C

Play As codes

Play As Koopa Without Shell 8134BD5C 8019 8134BD5E 410C 8134BD84 8015 8134BD86 3068

Play As King Bob Omb 8134FFDC 8018 8134FFDE E15C 81350004 8013 81350006 C6D8

Gigantic Codes

Gigantic Yoshi 81194E58 3F80

Beta Codes

Play As Blarrg 8134D05C 8018 8134D05E A15C 8134D084 8014 8134D086 9A10

Debug display 8030AE93 0001 D0309260 0008 802FD054 0001 D0309260 0001 802FD054 0002 D0309260 0004 802FD054 0003 D0309260 0002 802FD054 0004 D0309261 0020 802FD054 0005

Other Press L for UFO D033AFA1 0020 8133DD76 D0BC 8133DC8C 0000

L to Mess Everything Up D133AFA0 0020 81339800 4026 D033AFA0 0010 81339800 4009

Remove the HUD 812B7DE0 0000 812B7DE2 0000 812B7E08 0000 812B7E0A 0000 812B7E38 0000 812B7E3A 0000 812B7DF4 0000 812B7DF6 0000

Star Glitter 8133B17A 0008

how to texture codes; Type in 8133B424 , then add a random 4 numbers ,add the cheat, turn off every other texture code, turn on your new code,

Color Codes

scatman 8833B248 0001 8133B1C4 4277 8107EC40 0000 8107EC42 FFAA 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A 0000

Mario & Yoshi's Colors Become Like wario and boshi A432C55B BBBB

Power-Up Codes

Always have Metal Cap 8133B176 0015

Always have Flying, Metal and Invisible Cap 8133B176 008E

Cap Codes

Mario holds his cap 8033B177 0020

Enemy codes

It's raining Whomps 8130617A 2BCC 8130617E 0067

Piranha Plants From Goombas 802A1BA7 0064 812A1BAE 1FBC

D-Pad Controls Bowser D033AFA0 0008

Bob-ombs come out of snow trees 812B0A02 3174 812B0A0E 00BC

Pick up King Whomp 8134500A 0021 813451DE F398 81345034 3FCC 81345038 3FCC 8134503C 3FCC

2D Bowser 8130BA64 3D00

Tiny King Whomp 812A1C46 3E80

D-pad Goomba Size Modifier 812CE318 3C04 812CE31A 8030 812CE33C C48C 812CE33E EE80 D0309260 0004 812FEE80 3F00 D0309260 0001 812FEE80 3FC0 D0309260 0002 812FEE80 4080 D0309260 0008 812FEE80 4100

Tiny bowser 8130B0E4 3E80 8130B0E8 3E80 8130B0EC 3E80

Pick up Lakitu-outside the castle! 8130F886 0449

Chuk-yas From Wing Cap Blocks 81330BA2 00DF 81330BA6 0528

Freak chain chomp 80161D06 0860 80161D06 8019 80161D06 0860 80161D06 36AC 80161D06 8019 80161D06 56A4 80161D06 8015 80161D06 B690 80161D06 00FF

Star Codes

Create your own stars 8133B218 0068

Access to Cannon without 120 Stars A11C050A 0001

Mario has Starmans for his hands 810EA2C0 0302 810EA2C2 B870 810E649C 0302 810E649E B870 810E660C 0302 810E660E B870 810EA430 0302 810EA432 B870 810E83B8 0302 810E83BA B870 810E64B4 0302 810E64B6 B870 810EA2D8 0302 810EA2DA B870 810E66D4 0302 810E66D6 B870 810E6694 0302 810E6696 B870 810EC358 0302 810EC35A B870 810E8528 0302 810E852A B870 810EC1E8 0302 810EC1EA B870 810EA470 0302 810EA472 B870 810E664C 0302 810E664E B870

Sound Codes

It's-a me! Mario! (In game) A032C1CD AAAA

d-pad for diff. music 81376104 3C09 81376106 8031 81376112 B000 D0309260 0008 8130B000 0002 D0309260 0001 8130B000 0005 D0309260 0004 8130B000 0020 D0309260 0002 8130B000 000B

Painful Codes

L to burn D033AFA1 0020 8133B17C 0102 D033AFA1 0020 8133B17E 08B7

Super Deadly Bowser Flame 812B8AE6 3510 812B8AF2 00CD 810EE6A6 0008 802EAAE7 0089

Kill Peach 81341C68 C216 81341C6C 444A 81341C70 C52B 80341BDD 0019 81341BDE 4690 81341C04 8013 81341C06 9360 80341D47 00FF 80341D0F 000A

Mario thinks he's a Bob-omb 810E3720 802B 810E3722 A918

Bigger and longer lasting explosions 802BD40B 0089

(change the 89 for bigger explosions)

Jumping Codes

Launch Mario 8026B88B 0018

Press L For Super Spin Attack D033AFA1 0020 8133B17C 0102 D033AFA1 0020 8133B17E 08B7 8126FB4A 00AC 81252662 4334 8125267A 4340

Multiplayer codes

P2 will control some items 802FD054 0003 8130AF0E 0001 812A418E 9798 812A41BA 3068 812A41BE 0074 812A41F6 3174 812A41FA 00BC 812A423E 1AA4 812A4242 0090

'Rayman' Mario 800815E0 00B8 800821F0 00B8 80088C38 00B8 80089338 00B8 800814B8 00B8 800820C8 00B8 80088B20 00B8 80089220 00B8 80082C00 00B8 800834C0 00B8 80089B30 00B8 8008A0F8 00B8 80082AA0 00B8 80083298 00B8 800899A0 00B8 80089FE0 00B8

Mario has Starmans for his hands 810EA2C0 0302 810EA2C2 B870 810E649C 0302 810E649E B870 810E660C 0302 810E660E B870 810EA430 0302 810EA432 B870 810E83B8 0302 810E83BA B870 810E64B4 0302 810E64B6 B870 810EA2D8 0302 810EA2DA B870 810E66D4 0302 810E66D6 B870 810E6694 0302 810E6696 B870 810EC358 0302 810EC35A B870 810E8528 0302 810E852A B870 810EC1E8 0302 810EC1EA B870 810EA470 0302 810EA472 B870 810E664C 0302 810E664E B870

Common graphics swapped 81309962 E600 8130996A E30C 81309976 F7C8 8130997A F4D0 81309982 E25C 813099AE F15C 81309A32 E164 81309A76 E820 81309A7E E2C0 81309AE2 EB24 81309966 E67C 8130996E E30C 81309A7A E820

Mario and the time limit of death 8130B000 3C04 8130B002 8031 8130B004 9485 8130B006 94DE 8130B008 24A5 8130B00A FFFF 8130B00C A485 8130B00E 94DE 8130B010 03E0 8130B012 0008 810E3720 8030 810E3722 B000

walk underwater 81253B50 0000 81253B52 0000 8124FDC4 2400

Stop time for everyone except Mario 81286DAE FFFF D0309260 0008 8030B0B3 0040 D0309260 0004 8030B0B3 0000

Flying Mario 8107EC40 0000 8107EC42 0000 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A 0000 8107EC20 E100 8107EC22 0000 8107EC28 E100 8107EC2A 0000 8009B5E8 00B8 8009B608 00B8 8033B177 0019 D133AFA0 8000 8133B1BC 4220

Certain objects don't appear 813786AC 0000 813786AE 0000

Very tall tree outside the castle 8130B514 462A

Remove the HUD 812B7DE0 0000 812B7DE2 0000 812B7E08 0000 812B7E0A 0000 812B7E38 0000 812B7E3A 0000 812B7DF4 0000 812B7DF6 0000

Change signpost to left of castle to look like Yoshi 8130FF2C 8019 8130FF2E 4228 8130FF54 8014 8130FF56 F4CC

Bob-omb Buddy becomes patrolling Bob-omb BADDY 8131C3A6 39E0 8131C3AE 39E0 8031C31F 0000

Go beyond the Mirror In the Castle D0309261 0020 8130946C 45A4 D0309261 0020 81309474 44BC

Replace signpost with Blarrg in Lethal Lava Land 8130C62C 8018 8130C62E 955C 8130C654 8014 8130C656 8E10 8130C644 4000 8130C648 4000 8130C64C 4000 8130C6B8 C5A8 8130C6BC 421A 8130C6C0 45B0 8030C749 0020 8130C810 4406 8030C79B 0002

Mario is constantly sparkling and baddies can't harm him 810E3720 8029 810E3722 A1C4 8124A318 2818 8124A31A 0001

The Ultimate Gravity Control D0309260 0004 8130947C FFFF D0309260 0002 8130947C C000 D0309260 0001 8130947C 9880 D0309260 0008 8130947C 4000

Moon jump 2 D1309260 8000 8130947C 4220

Wario 812535C2 3F9A 812535BE 3FFA 8107EC40 FFFF 8107EC38 5050 8107EC20 AA05 8107EC20 9900 8107EC28 3000 8107EC2A 9930 81336EE8 8027 81336EEA 4F90 A11EE0B0 000F 81265366 4000 81265380 4604 812653A8 1000 812653CE 420D 812653EE 420D 8125273E 2FA0 8125261A 2FAF 8125267A 426B 81252662 425D 812527B6 426A 8125ED1E 3F9D 8125ED0A 40A0 812528AE 41E0 812689BE 0023 8107EC70 009A 8107EC72 0000 8107EC68 00BC 8107EC6A 0000 D133AFA0 4000 8133B1C4 4270 812E3DB0 0000 812E3DB2 0000 812E3DE0 0000 812E3DE2 0000 812E3E18 0000 812E3E1A 0000 812E3DC8 0000 812E3DCA 0000

Pick up Dorrie in Big Boo's Haunt 8130F0EC 8018 8130F0EE 7CF8 8130F114 8015 8130F116 548C 8130F166 0449 8030F209 0000 8030F20B 0002 8130F2AE 4A74

8130F836 61B0 8030F929 0000 8030F92B 0002 8130F9CE 4A74 8030F80D 0019

Play as 1-up 810EE060 802B 810EE062 D680 8133B4D6 9BF4 81254866 0005 81254872 5025 81250430 2819 81250432 0001 803331C2 0000 8133B176 0018

Size Codes Change Mario to 1 of 5 different sizes 8124C7E4 8E05 8124C7E6 1BD0 8124C7E8 8E06 8124C7EA 1BD4 8124C7EC 8E07 8124C7EE 1BD8 D0309260 0008 8130B000 3F30 D0309260 0008 8130B004 4000 D0309260 0008 8130B008 3F30 D0309260 0001 8130B000 3D00 D0309260 0001 8130B004 3F80 D0309260 0001 8130B008 3F80 D0309260 0004 8130B000 3F40 D0309260 0004 8130B004 3FC0 D0309260 0004 8130B008 3F80 D0309260 0002 8130B000 4000 D0309260 0002 8130B004 3F80 D0309260 0002 8130B008 4020 D0309261 0020 8130B000 3F80 D0309261 0020 8130B004 3F80 D0309261 0020 8130B008 3F80

Mario size modifier 8124C7DA xxxx xxxx=random numbers

Change Princess Peach's size 81193AC0 xxxx Xxxx= (above)

Enemy codes Bob-ombs Have Stretched-Sideways Feet A11C0105 1111

??? Mario Being Played On The PC A432C173 00FF

Water, Computer, Or Indian Art Worlds 8133B424 6412

Proto-Type E032C11E FFFF E032C160 FFFF E032C1a0 0000 E032C142 0001

E032E60F 001E - Shade on Mario's Face

A432E4E1 000f - Mirror Funland

E032C16E FFFF - Lego Mario

E032C62E 00FF - Colors Come out of Mario

See Through World A032C4B2 00B8 A032C4A2 1000 A032C4A4 00F0 A032C4A6 1111

E432C65B A101 - Cartoon Mario

8133B176 0068 - Flying Electric Mario

8133B4B2 0110 Pictures in Castle World

EO32C222 2222 -This code Makes it so you can see through walls without having everthing be invisible

8133B424 1313 - Area 51 World

8133B424 2121 - Book World

Moon Jump=Hold A: D033AFA1 0020 8133B1BC 4220 D033B1BD 0020 8133B17C 0300 D033B1BD 0020 8133B17E 0880

Big stars from trees: 812B0ABA 1714 812B0AC6 007A

Wing Cap Boxes from trees: 812B0ABA 2250 812B0AC6 0089

Toads from trees: 812B0ABA 2EF8 812B0AC6 00DD

Big stars from bob ombs: 812E7562 007A 812E7556 1714

MIPS attacks like a shy-guy 8130FCCC 8019 8130FCCE 45AC 8130FCF4 8016 8130FCF6 43B8 8130FD46 2049 8130FE8E 4F60

Attack of the Toad pond skater 81312E0C 800E 81312E0E 5CA8 810E5CB6 FC48 80312DD3 0040

Attack of the Big Goomba Castles outside the castle 810EE36C 0700 810EE36E 6D70 810EE354 0700 810EE356 95F0 812FDE3A 472C 802FDE3F 0001

Attack of the Wing caps! 810E3B26 2049 810E3B58 802A 810E3B5A 061C 81309980 800E 81309982 EE90 810E3B50 103E 810E3B52 0002

Most 3D objects always face camera 8028650F 0025

Stop the camera 803094C5 0001

Peach’s bad dress 81136ADE 0A77 81136AE6 0A10 811349A6 0A11 811349AE 0A12 81134D76 0A48 81134D7E 0A74 81133C06 0A23 81133C0E 0A67 81133426 0A54 8113342E 0A87

Fire Mario: 81250900 1000 8107EC20 5000 8107EC22 0000 8107EC28 FF00 8107EC2A 0000 8107EC40 FFFF 8107EC38 5050 8107EC42 FF00 8107EC3A 5000 81253B50 0000 81253B52 0000

Mario only has his head 80081BE0 00B8 80082748 00B8 80080F98 00B8 800814C8 00B8 800820D8 00B8 80082AB0 00B8 800832A8 00B8 800837D8 00B8 80082F90 00B8 80088938 00B8 80088B30 00B8 80089230 00B8 80089E50 00B8 8008A3B8 00B8 80082C00 00B8 800834C0 00B8 800890B0 00B8 800897D0 00B8 80088C38 00B8 80089338 00B8 800815E0 00B8 800821F0 00B8 800899B0 00B8 8008A0F8 00B8 80089FF0 00B8 80089B30 00B8 80084210 00B8 80084640 00B8 80084270 00B8 8008A950 00B8 8008AB98 00B8 8008A9A0 00B8

Mario has no head 80085CD0 00B8 80085DC0 00B8 80085EB0 00B8 80085FA0 00B8 80086090 00B8 80086180 00B8 80086270 00B8 80086360 00B8

King Bob-omb throws Mario really far! 8128841E 437A

Snowmen throw homing in 1-ups! 812D509E 4148 812D50A6 00D4

Kingly shell 812CB66A 0056 812CB65E 01F4 812CB81E 01F4

Yellow and blue coins fall from the sky in Bob-omb Battlefield 812D3672 0984 812D3676 0000 812D36F2 0830 812D36F6 0076 812D3740 0000 812D3742 0000

Snowmen throw Chuk-yas 812D509E 0528 812D50A6 00DF

Taller Pokey 812CCE02 0020

Koopa thinks Mario is his shell! 812CB81E 2EC0

Deadly trees 810E3D66 0008 81290012 3510 8129001A 00CD 8128FF7E 3510 8128FF86 00CD

Deadly Bob-ombs 812BA4D6 0015 810E3D66 0008

Exploded Bob-ombs come back as King Bob-omb! 802BA233 0056 812BA22E 01F4

Black hat 8107EC 0000 8107EC42 0000 8107EC38 0000 8107EC3A 0000

Different color numbers 0000 = black FFFF = white 9999 = yellow 9911 = green FF11 = purple 0000 + ffaa = blue


Play as shy-guy D134B89E 0860 8134B89C 8019 D134B89E 0860 8134B89E 3E80

Replace signposts with big Goombas 812FDE3A 472C 802FDE3D 00C0 802FDE3F 0001

Chain-chomp comes out of the red coins 812B95EA 478C 812B95EE 0066

Signposts replaced with Shuguys 812FDE3A 46DC 812FDE3C 00DC

Goombas come out of Gombas 8037E0BB 00C0 8137E0C6 472C

Killer 1-up mushrooms 812C4938 A040 812C493A 00AE

Replace signposts with Thwomps 812FDE3A 0B8C 812FDE3C 0058

King racer 812C3B62 01F4 812C3B6A 0056

Poison 1-up mushrooms 812C4936 FFFF

M13 Stars 8033B21A FFFF

Play as Toad inside the castle 81313F4C 8018 81313F4E D608 81313F74 8017 81313F76 DCCC 803140B7 00FF 803004E2 0000 Play as a penguin in Cool, cool Mountain 8131596C 8018 8131596E 3350 81315994 8014 81315996 D70C 803004E2 0000

Play as Bullet Bill in Whomp's fortress 8131998C 8019 8131998E 264C 80309437 0015 803004E2 0000

Play as Koopa the Quick 8131E0CC 8018 8131E0CE DF54 8131E0F4 8014 8131E0F6 D318 8124C7DA 4027

Play as Lakitu inside the castle 8131018C 8018 8131018E D404 813101B4 8017 813101B6 A540

Play as Yellow Star 81309794 800E 81309796 E25C

Tiny king whomp 812A1C46 3E80

Mario is Waluigi's size 8124C7E8 3C06 8124C7EA 4000 8124C7DA 3F30

Play as Paper Mario 8124C7E4 3C05 8124C7E6 3D00

you can add codes if you like!

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